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    We provide low-power wireless sensor networks (LPWSN) & cloud-based environmental security monitoring system for data centers

    About Archimedes Controls

    Archimedes Controls

         Archimedes Controls Corp. is a data center environmental security monitoring, controls, assets management and ZNE (zero net energy) solution provider based in Silicon Valley founded by a group of industry veterans, entrepreneurs and seasoned executives. These founders have successfully delivered numerous innovative software and system products to customers over a span of 20 years in helping their customers achieve greater profitability and operational excellence. 

         Currently, Archimedes Controls Corp. is aimed at delivering next generation unified solutions to meet the demands for securer environment, reduced maintenance cost and energy efficient operations for data center operators. As part of the data center technology evolution, these criteria are becoming more critical than ever. 

         Archimedes Controls is committed to bring the latest technology and solutions to data center operators and their customers. Please continue to visit our website for updates of our progress.  

    What Customers Saying About Us

         We deployed the A150 system in one of our large customer’s IDC projects. The system provides a three-dimensional model displaying our facility's temperature, humidity and airflow profile in real time. It also provides the capability of dynamically adjusting the controlling mechanism in any given scenario. The A150 makes our data centers more intelligent and our operations more efficient. With the A150’s advanced technology, coupled with its outstanding real time control capability, we found that our PUE optimization improved from 1.66 to 1.50. As the result, it saved us a tremendous amount of power expenses. We plan to widely adapt and deploy the A150 system in our IDC facility nationwide.  

    Archimedes' A150 Premium Cloud Based Suite

         We provide a suite of solutions to monitor, control and protect your most valuable IT assets. With well-designed thermal imaging, dashboard and histograms, you can always view, analyze and be alert of your data center at anywhere 24 by 7. Auto alerts of all warnings and threats to your mission critical servers and equipment will give you a peace of mind and bring more security and efficiency for your business growth.  


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